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Email #1

Subject: Your Shamanic Sign Appears...

​Dear {!firstname_fix},

You're destined to be receiving this sacred sign today...

An ancient sacred sign that holds the power to invoke magical abundance into your life.

Watch This Personal Message For You 

Let this powerful sign welcome the true abundance you deserved in life.

Let go of all the pain and suffering you've endured til date.

It's truly your time to shine!

Take A Look At This Magical Symbol Today!

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Email #2

Subject: Your Wealth Sigil is Upon You..

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Wouldn’t it be cool to become a wealth attraction magnet?

At the snap of your fingers you could make that desire into reality. 

You’d be rare among rare people

Sounds amazing right?

Well, Here is all your need to know to get started!

You have this power within you at all times — you just need to dig deep and discover it. 

What we have for you here is a scared sign which would allow you achieve all of the above.

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Email #3

Subject: Magical Sigil To Manifest Wealth In God-like Speed

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready to finally get your personal wealth generating tool...

Something that has been around mankind for centuries.. 

I am talking about a tool that can attract wealth like CRAZY!

Grab Your Personal Wealth Manifestation Sigil Right Here!

This unique sigil has been passed down from generations after generation.

Simply by staring at this sigil would result in a life changing event happening to you..

Peep into your future with this sigil right now

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Email #4

Subject: Are you staring at this Sigil?

Hey  {!firstname_fix},

You must see this sign (if you haven't yet).... 

A friend forwarded me this video ......and I'm speechless.  

It's a blur picture of sacred shaman sigil that can attract spendable cash!
Skeptical? I was, too.

But you can see the proof in exactly 5 minutes… 

And I promise, you’ll never be the same.  
Ready to see… and believe?

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Email #5

Subject: Psst... Are you one of them? 

Hello {!firstname_fix},

It seems like only the destined few are able to get this special message...

Are you one of them...?

Open This To See If You're The Destined One

Honestly, I sense an aura that radiates from you.

So powerful that I'm so certain you are the ONE!

So wait no longer...

Let this be your KEY To unleashing the TRUE potential you held within.

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Email #6

Subject: Are you there...?

Hello {!firstname_fix},

I've been trying to reach out to you for quite a while...

I hope you see this message 💌

Just like everyone who isn't living the life they wanted, you want one thing:

To seize a valuable moment when everything will change.

Well, I can tell you with certainty that this possibility will present itself to you in the next few moment...?

What would you do...?

Seize the moment... Or Let it go away...?

Heed my advice...

Watch this video message that will alter your life for abundance ▶

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Email #7 (New)

Subject: Do you believe in magic...? 
Subject: Are you a believer... ? (Open even if you're not)

Beloved {{ subscriber.first_name }}

Do you believe in magic?

No no, I am not talking about card tricks.

I am talking about spells and witchcraft.

Things that would give you goosebumps... and the things you desire.

I am getting the chills as I am typing this.

If you are still skeptical... good.

I have a video to explains it all to you.

Tap onto the world of magic here

It doesn't matter if you're a believer... but the result speaks itself.

All that's left to do is go on and watch this:

Open This Video To Peek Into The Sacred Magic

Yours Truly,
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PS. Reply " Magic " and I will cast a spell that would bring you good luck.

Email #8 (Coming Soon...)

VSL / Written Long Email Swipes:


Email #1

Subject: An Urgent Message of Prosperity

Hey {!firstname_fix},

If you’ve recently been trying to manifest the things you’ve desire..

You may have said to yourself

“Can I even do this”

“There’s no way this will come true”

And, I totally understand why you have these thoughts — we all have to overcome these if we want to align ourselves with the universe to manifest true abundance.

You see, we constantly look for the “key” to life, when the key is actually around us — to be specific, it’s this particular sign you need right now!

This magical sign that we have for you is a unique one which NO ONE has ever seen it before...

When people do find out about it, they instantly benefit from it and immediately see a change in their lifestyle.

Always remember that you are different — you’re aware that you can unlock the superior power that no one bats an eye at..

It’s in you from the day you are born.

That’s why, My friend Michael Christianson will not only give you PROOF it works — he’ll also show you the “missing link” that’ll unlock your hidden powers. 

It doesn't matter where you are in life right now, it is where you want to go from here on.

Let this magical sign reborn a new ~Contact.FirstName~ !

With Love,
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Email #2

Subject: I was Completely WRONG!

Dear {!firstname_fix},
I used to think that magic and manifestation are all BS!

Our fate is sealed by the hand dealt to us…

But I was COMPLETELY Wrong!

After I stumbled on this…

I was totally speechless and mind-blown!

Did you know that you can attract wealth with just a symbol…?

This isn’t any ordinary symbol but one created by a great shaman centuries ago.

I personally experience the power of it after hitting rock bottom in life!

Don’t just take my word for it…

See it right here and experience yourself!

You can thank me later once you have seen this.

Don't let another dream slipped away from your finger...
I urge you to not miss this opportunity because everything will be set into motion once you read this message.
It's really essential that you do so right now!

With Love,
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Email #3

Subject: Magical Manual Script Revealed 📜

Greetings {!firstname_fix},

What if I say that you CAN fulfill your dreams once and for all...

Without depending more money on systems that do not work?

If you've ever dreamed about finding the definitive system to help you meet your goals, then this is the most important website you will ever read.

To have success in life, you do not really need to know any kind of secret.

Moreover, now I will reveal the secret to you on how you can improve your life significantly!

Even though you NEVER do a single Spell, a Tie or any other Sorcery in your life!

It is during these tough times we need to have something to back ourselves..

Take a peek into this Sacred Magical Sigil right now! 🔯

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Manifesting Quiz Email Swipes:


Email #1

Subject: Never Suffer From Financial Problems Again

Dear {!firstname_fix},

There comes a point in life where you want to get something for yourself..

Be it a new house, a car, or even a dream vacation.

But why has it always been stuck as a dream and not becoming a reality?

Are you afraid that all this "dreams" would then turn into financial problems?

You are not the only one that is facing this issues...

But guess what?! We are here to help!

Take this short quiz to find out what is the key that is missing from turning your dreams into reality.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side where we turn all your worries into actual achievable reality!

With Love,
Sign Off

Email #2


Dear {!firstname_fix},

Let’s have some quick little fun..

Let’s assume that you know about manifestation.

But I don't exactly know how to do it. Ok.

What would happen if you ended up learning the secrets behind it?

What type of life would you live?

Where would you be?

Would you keep it to yourself or help others do the same.

I’m sure what you’re imagining looks GREAT!

Now, What would happen if you never figure out how it works.

What if you never stop struggling to make stuff happen. 

If this came true? How would you feel

Do you see yourself being extremely disappointed?

Well, I don’t want you to be that way in the future.

How so?

By inviting you to take my new quiz.

Which will tell you exactly how close you are to manifesting whatever it is you want. 

With Love, 
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Email #3


Dear {!firstname_fix},

This is a question I get asked a lot.

 And I’m about to end it once and for all.

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer..

It depends..

Because how you manifest relies on how aligned you are with your desire.

The energy of your desire is always placed on a higher vibration.

So If you’re not on the same vibration as said desire.

Then It just won’t work.

And if you are? Well you get it.

And don’t fret.

If you feel you aren’t aligned with your desires.

If you have a few minutes. You can see how close you are to becoming in tune with them.

By taking this short quiz I made for you.  

With Love,
Sign Off

Email #4


Dear {!firstname_fix},

You’ve probably seen it in multiple movies. Commercials. Billboards.

Or maybe you’ve said it yourself in real life.

That question.

The one the child constantly asks their mom while they’re the back seat of the car.

Restless, because they don’t know how close they are.

The question is “Mom, are we there yet”

And while it’s cute.


And could generate some sweet nostalgia every time you hear it.

I brought it up for a different reason.

Because you could be asking a similar question while you’re riding down the journey of manifestation.

“When will this happen for me”

You wanna know how close you are to bringing your desires to physical form.

I understand, I was like that too.

That’s why, instead of letting you ride down this path clueless.

If you have a couple minutes and like to take it.

I’ve made a short quiz that’ll highlight exactly where you are in your journey.

With Love,
Sign Off

Email #5

Subject: Do You Remember That Picture?

Dear {!firstname_fix},

You may remember It if you’ve spent some time on social media. 

The picture shows two miners digging through a tunnel.

Both are going for the same thing, diamond.

Both have the same tools.

Even both of them are heading in the direction of shiny diamonds.

And yet, only miner 1 hits.

Miner 2 just gives up and walks back.

Not knowing that diamond is buried right behind that wall.

Now. This picture can teach us a couple lessons.

But I wanna focus on just one.

And that is..

You never know how close you are.

Because In our manifestation journey, we feel like giving up sometimes.

Like we’re not the lucky ones.

As if it’s not for us.

But it is for you and everyone around you.

And you may be miner 2. 

Close, but you just don’t know it. 

How could you find out?

There’s two ways:

Just Keep going.

Take my quiz that'll show exactly how close you are to manifesting.

If you chose the latter.

Then I’ll drop the link for you.

It’s a very short quiz it won’t take up a big chunk of your time

With Love, 
Sign Off

Email #6

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